02 July, 2007

Something my wife told me. (4)

Giving credit where credit is due, my wife told me she saw Namkhar Drimé Rinpotché study the crowd by looking at one and then the other and passing on to the next starting at one end of the crowd and moving on until, presumably, every attendant had received his attention.

All I recall was a long pause before the start of a meeting. It didn't even strike me to question what we were waiting for.

What do you suppose he saw?

Take a look.

Imagine how he might have seen that crowd, one by one, through centuries-old eyes.


Blogger Elsie said...

Having looked at the photo many times, I can only imagine what he saw as I must be the least observant person on the planet (yes, I miss out on a lot). But I'm wondering, does it have anything to do with that mean-looking green that's being tossed onto some kind of fire?

Anonymous Jack in Paris said...

Hello Elsie,

Gather as much compassion as you can and mix that with all the gentleness you are capable of and do what you have already done, imagine, as you glance over the photo yet again.

Yes it does have to do with the green, the fire and the mixing of the two.

We were to walk three times through the smoke and then drop our gift onto the smoldering embers. Those who wished could do that again, and again, and still yet again. After the eighth or ninth time I began to understand something.

My life was much like the walking through the blinding smoke. The smoke first washed me obscuring everything and then I could see again. Moving ahead confidently into blindness once more I came through it but this time with an unsteady step. Then it was back in where I nearly lost my way and balance. At last it was out and back to give my gift to the fire only to realize the smoke was waiting to engulf me.

Thanks for your visits young lady.

Blogger Elsie said...

Just checking in, Jack. Hope you had a great summer with that beautiful wife of yours.

Anonymous elsie said...

I keep hoping you'll give me something new to think about, Jack.

Blogger Elsie said...

Just stopping by to say hello.


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