06 June, 2007



Espace Eugène Poubelle at 7 ter, rue de Trétaigne is the shop with the red plastic bottle Christmas tree out front . Interloque grew from there.

As it describes itself, Interloque is:

"Première ressourcerie parisienne, l'association l'Interloque est acteur et outil du developpement urban soutenable:

Nous valorisons les ressources humaines et les matières premières disponibles localement, développons des activités économiques innovantes, fédérons les acteurs économiques, sociaux et associatifs locaux autour de la gestion environnementale concertée et proposons des services de proximité créateurs de lien social."

Last night the mayor of the 18em stopped by with a few politicals and we are off and running.

What all that French means is simply we do neat stuff with what people throw away. Anything informatique gets sent my way.

Would you buy a used computer from this man?

Hard at work.


Blogger Elsie said...

I definitely would buy a computer from the Jack of Hearts. How could I possibly resist?

Anonymous Jack in Paris said...

Another example of the power of positive thinking.

Blogger Elsie said...

Just stopping by to say hi.

Anonymous Jack in Paris said...



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