30 November, 2006

Sage conseil.

If no one picks up on the political relevance of this one I will truly begin to wonder.

Merci Gilles et Marthe.


Blogger Elsie said...

Jack, I haven't had time to translate, but you know I will. Then I'll get back to you. Don't start wondering just yet!

Blogger Elsie said...

"If you have lost at the races, it's useless for you to avenge it by eating the horse. Eat the jockey instead." Or something like that.

Oh, Jack, I dread getting this one wrong! I don't want to tax your brain with all the wonder (or your body with all the laughter). But, once again, I feel you are too clever for me.

Why not let the jockeys run their own race and leave the poor horses out of it?

Perhaps the horses should eat the jockeys.

I wonder if there is currently only one jockey that the world deems important today. And the horses run his race as long as he whips them.

My word play is far inferior to yours. Am I even close?

Don't give up on me yet.


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