02 July, 2007

The Lineup. (2)

This is being written and posted forwards but you are encountering it backwards. Life is like that too, kind of.

I can not reflect on tomorrow but I often do a real job on yesterday. Is it the same with you?

The usual suspects can be seen here:

The Venerable is Namkhar Drimé Rinpotché. Try www.padmaling.net for more should you need it.

Also in the picture is his daughter, next is a devoted servant, and last is Mapi or Marie-Pierre, a friend of the family now. She is the daughter of the woman who kindly gave me these photographs, by name, Marie-France.

I am told the devoted servant fled with Namkhar, if I may call him that, from Tibet a long time ago. I do not know the devoted servant's name. That is something to do, but not now.


Anonymous elsie said...

It often is the same with me, Jack.

Anonymous Jack in Paris said...

There you go.

I called it right.

Thank you Elsie.


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